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Hi, I just got my Macbook pro 16" M1 pro 2021 over a month. It is on OS v12.0.1. It is a great machine. But it developed some popping sound today. I played some Spanish guitar music for around 1.5 hours (not at the highest volume) then it randomly developed some popping sound on the right side speaker. When I lift the mac and tile to the right to listen closely, the popping sound is getting worse and constant, especially at the high pitch. When I put it down the popping sound still existing but less even when I put the volume to 4 bars. Apple support suggested to upgrade to OS to12.1. After upgrade the popping sound is gone, even at the highest volume. Is it possible that the OS upgrade fix the issue? (i.e. limited the frequency range?).

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This speaker popping is sadly - and more frustratingly - an issue that stems back some time and occurs across apps: both native to Apple and 3rd party ones. Apple support are aware of the issue (I've been frequently advised of this each time I log the issue with Apple support directly). When I first got the 16" model back in 2019 not long after buying it, it started exhibiting this issue. The crackling/popping started when scrubbing through videos in YouTube, then would move into apps: Final cut, logic and even Adobe at times, as well as the music app (to name a few).

I've seen numerous reports across forums about the popping appearing when the machine undertaking high CPU tasks: this is certainly one of the ways the popping becomes visible, but from my new 2021 machines I've had the popping sound appear across both native Apple and 3rd party apps with varying CPU usage. I am certain it's a deep rooted software issue: so deep rooted in fact I'm using some of my own monitoring equipment to try and send data to help Apple as this issue has been going on - in my eyes - a bit too long now and is starting to become frustrating.

I'm not aware of 12.1 completely fixing the issue, as I've had a couple of crackles and pops here and there but so far if it's stopped for the time being, fingers crossed you're system will continue to work popping free - it'd be great if you could keep us posted on this.

After I upgrade to 12.1, now it still happen but only when I play at the highest volume on guitar music and at high pitch only but it is fine when play piano or vocal song even at highest volume, where in 12.0.1 it happened on any sounds even at low volume. I know that even on the HI-FI system the guitar music is quite demanding and require quick twitter response. May be software upgrade did help on eliminating the most of the case, only happen when play challenging music?

I have a 2017 Macbook Pro. After getting the battery changed by the apple service center I started hearing popping sounds. It has been almost a year since the battery replacement and I find the popping sound really annoying now.

I just discovered that if I am not charging the Macbook pro there is no popping. It is a temporary solution, but at least I don't get to hear the popping sound. So make sure to unplug the charging cable after the Macbook is charged.

When I play a music or other sound and set the volume more than 3/4 of max volume, I hear disturbing rattle/cracking sound especially when playing music with great bass. Rattling sound most likely come from left side but when I drag left-right balance to full left or full right, Rattling sound gone. Someone can tell me what happen actually with my mac? Is it really blown or this is usual problem?

I've already used balance contol. when I drag slider to full-left or full-right, rattling sound gone. Maybe the subwoofer has been blown, or maybe something loose after I bring my mac to the service center. I will find out

I have an early 2013 15" retina A1398. To get access on the speakers, you have to remove almost everything. Not worth it . I just got me a small JBL Bluetooth speakers. Great sound. In my area, it cost $100 -120 to replace the speakers.

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I am a voice actor with an in home studio. I have used zoom for over 2 years for video meeting and such with no sound issues at all. All of a sudden about a month ago, I've started having crackling audio coming through when in zoom meetings. It only happens through zoom, all other audio sounds perfect.

Had zoom for 3 years and no issues. Now I have crackling sound only in zoom. Tried updating drivers and all the usual sound setting hints. It is still happening and making zoom meetings with multi users almost impossible, what is going on please

I checked those settings and they are as advised, but we are still getting cracking audio. Changing the advanced audio setting "Signal processing by Windows audio device drivers" back and forth between the Auto, On and Off settings stops the issue for a minute or two. None of the 3 options solves the issue, but works briefly. We do need a more durable solution for this.

my issue comes & goes..... using decent audio lavalier USB mic for better quality than built in -- on Mac -- it will be fine then other participants say it starts crackling..... have switched USB ports & it clears ... then returns again.... a pain.... sometimes the mic works for hours.... WHAT IS THE CAUSE ? --- MODERATOR, PLEASE COMMENT, THANK YOU

Absolutely same issue. Zoom worked perfectly during lockdown. Since last year crackling on my microphone ONLY when using zoom and zoom always crashing. Teams works great. I'd migrate, but company has a zoom license and all meetings on zoom. It's impossible to work with. I have to mute audio and comment using chat!!!

This problem came on suddenly back around August, I think (I don't have to use Zoom very often these days so I can't be more specific). It ONLY occurs in Zoom... running my Scarlett18i8 3rd gen AI in OBS, my audio workstation (recording), and every other app is fine. Using my Yeti in Zoom is also fine. But Zoom does not get along with my AI. It can be heard at the Settings--Audio--Microphone--Test Mic, on test recordings I run, and to my meeting participants in real time. All drivers are up-to-date, all cables are good, etc. If I were running a recording session using my audio workstation the crackling sounds like a sample rate issue, but I can't figure out why Zoom would have this problem nor how to test sample rates in Zoom.

Hi. I'm an audio engineer and I do podcast editing and post-production. I noticed the same problem months ago on zoom audio recordings that I usually receive from my clients almost every day. After some research I can conclude this crackle sound has nothing to do with equipment, sound interface, computer or audio settings (it's a BS). It's a generic digital fast-clicking sound which is somehow subtly added to the 3-9 khz frequency range in real time. I reviewed over a hundred different recordings, from different people with different equipment from different parts of the world. *Crackling was always the same* That says a lot about this problem. This leads to only one conclusion - it's caused while live recordings over zoom. Since it's a frequency range that requires corrections very often, crackling sound becomes even more expressive. None of the denoising software I own can painlessly remove it, so I'm forced to remove it manually. The reason for this issue may very likely be an error or a bug in the backend audio code on zoom service - or it was done intentionally. Why? I still don't have a meaningful answer. It could also be caused by a global digital glitch or something. That's already a conspiracy theory. Thanks, V. 350c69d7ab


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